The June 21st Appeals Deadline has passed.

Property Assessment Appeals

The Barrow County Board of Assessors appraises the value of the county's properties then send out notices to the property owners on an annual basis. A property owner has 45 days following the receipt of the assessment notice to file an appeal seeking a reassessment of the property's value, not taxes. This year, the deadline is June 21st.

Property valuations are based on the fair market value aggregated from the sale prices of similar properties in similar locations. Your taxes represent 40% of this value. More information on the assessment process is available here.

How to Appeal

A person may appeal the assessment of property during the state mandated 45-day appeal period. There are 3 ways to appeal:

  1. Appeal online via the Barrow County Qpublic site. Search for your property then follow the instructions for appealing.

  2. Sign and submit the Standard Appeal Form and supporting documentation via email or mail to and 30 N. Broad Street, Winder, Georgia 30680.

  3. Write your appeal in letter form and email or mail with supporting documentation to and 30 N. Broad Street, Winder, Georgia 30680.

Any appeal must be written and can be sent to the office or hand-delived in person within the time frame. Please contact us if you have any questions at, 770-307-3108, 30 N. Broad Street, Winder, Georgia 30680

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