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The state law gives us at least 180 days to review the appeals, but we will have all the appeals reviewed before Labor Day. If the appraiser makes a change, then you will receive another notice with a value change. You can accept it or appeal further to the Board of Equalization for a hearing. If the appraiser finds no change in the value of the appeal, then you will receive a notice stating the no change, and it will be forwarded to the Board of Equalization for a hearing in which the clerk of court will be in touch with you for the hearing date. If your property is still under appeal when the tax bills are printed, then the taxes will be based on 85% of your value. And after the appeal is resolved, the bill will be corrected accordingly. I know it is confusing, but it is the law that we must go by. Hopefully, this helps you understand our process.

A Welcome from the Chief Appraiser, Guy Rogers

"Welcome to the Barrow County Assessor's website. Hopefully we have developed a website that is user-friendly, informative, and instructional for the citizens of Barrow County. The Board of Assessors encourages all taxpayers to conduct their business with the Assessor’s Office through online services. There are application forms for Homestead and Conservation Use available online. We also offer online valuation appeal submission through our qPublic site during the annual appeal period. For more information, please call the Assessor’s Office at 770-307-3108 or use our contact options below."

Guy Rogers

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About the Assessment Process

The Assessor's Office evaluates the full value of properties based on the current market. This is a yearly process concerning residential and commercial properties as well as personal property such as business equipment, boats, and aircraft.

You are taxed based on 40% of the fair market value as of Jan. 1st. Each year, the department compiles a digest of the county's valuations. You may view this information here.

To learn more about the assessment process, see the informative videos available here as well as the GA Department of Revenue.

Please contact the Tax Commissioner's Office for assistance with paying property tax bills and vehicle registration.

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